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VIP Recycling Junk Removal specializes in Electronic Scrap Fundraisers. Electronic Scrap Fundraisers are a great way for organizations to raise money for their cause, and to help keep electronic devices out of our county landfills! 


With our Electronic Fundraising program, we recycle any and all electronic devices.  Whether it be computers, tv's, radios, air conditioners, microwaves, VCRs, DVD players, Cable Boxes, Modems, Power Supplies, Video Game Consoles, etc. To get an idea of the type of items we can accept at these fundraisers, please visit us our Electronics Recycling page!


One of the biggest items we do receive is computers (desktops and laptops), and one thing that we offer at no charge is the secure data destruction on all the hard drives.  Our destruction methods are DoD compliant and ensures that your personal and confidential information cannot be obtained off the hard drive for any reason. Individuals who drop off computers will be asked to fill out a simple form with their name and email, so once their hard drive has been wiped, they will receive a copy of the DoD certificate via email. 


Some of our clients include, but are not limited to:

  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Cheerleading teams
  • Sports teams (football, basketball, baseball, track, volleyball, etc)
  • Small, medium, and large businesses
  • Groups of all kinds that are looking for new, environmentally friendly ways of raising money for their causes.
  • Girlscouts
  • Boyscouts
  • organizations (profit and non profit)
  • and more!!

When it comes to our clients, we do not discriminate. 


Questions and Answers:


Q: What do we get for hosting this fundraiser?

A: Generally we let the host make up their own rules/policies when it comes to the fundraisers.  We pay the organization hosting the event for the electronics that are collected.  We also pay a % of what we make off the electronics that we recycle as well.  Also, any donations made by individuals/companies dropping off electronics, go to the organization as well.


To obtain pricing information for what we will pay, feel free to contact us.  Thanks!


QFor individuals dropping off items such as computers, that contain confidential data, what do you offer to ensure them that their information will not be obtained and used in a wrongful way?


A: As mentioned aboved, we provide secure data destruction on any time that will contain confidential information such as computers.  Our software programs for erasing data is DoD compliant.  When the individual drops off their item, they are asked to provide their name and email, which will be used to email them a copy of the DoD certificate.


Q: Do you only accept certain items, and if so, what are they?


A: We will accept any electronic device for recycling at the fundraisers that we participate in.  For a detailed list, please visit as it lists all the items we accept.  


Q: Is there only certain times of the year that you do fundraisers?


A: Not currently.  Currently, we do fundraisers all year long.  Whenever we get a request to participate in one basically.


Q: Do you advertise the fundraiser?


A: In addition to our clients advertising the fundraiser, we do advertise the fundraiser on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  We will list the name of the organization, address, contact information, time, etc.  We will also list on sites such as Craigslist.



:To get started with your next fundraiser, contact us today using the form below! One of our friendly representatives will be in touch within 24 hours!

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